A perfect fit

All suits can be selected by hoodie size, jogger size and even separately by height.

Natural materials

We use high quality cotton knitwear that doesn't roll, stretch or shrink. We wear these clothes ourselves every day, so we know exactly everything about our suits. Composition: 80% cotton, 20% polyester

The magic price

A great price for a unique product. After all, it's YOUR HOODIE or YOUR SUIT that has all our skill and love for what we do.



Not sure which size to choose?

Enter your specifications and we will help you choose the right model

About the brand

Krassula - is a brand shaped by a history in which experience, desire to create and craftsmanship have come together in something new and krassAnd it's not.

Now Krassula can already create its own creations, and the first of these was K-HOODIE.

We are located in the centre of Ventspils, Andreja iela 7/9, on the 3rd floor of the AndrejNams shopping centre. 

Come and see the products on site and get to know us 🙂